Free Instagram Followers No Survey

Why Free Instagram Followers?

We all are on Instagram and looking for more and more free Instagram followers with likes and comments. But after Instagram changed its algorithm, there has been a noticeable downfall in the organic reach of posts. Now, whatever strategy you make, you will not see your followers growing like the old days.

Better content will fetch more likes, and comments are the buzzword of yesterday. You will not get huge followers for your regular post, apart from the fact that Instagram has now grown from 800 million to one billion as on 30 Mar 2019.


Get Free IG Followers

How To Get Free Instagram Followers No Survey?

You need to change strategy according to the Instagram Algorithm; now you need to work smart not hard. Here are some of the methods which you can employ to get free Instagram followers without survey.

free Instagram followers No survey

Post Visual appealing Picture on a daily bases.

What is the common reason for the popularity of Instagram?

They are video and picture sharing platform.

If you think posting pictures will increase user engagement, then you are wrong. You need to make a visually appealing picture of your Instagram friends. Visual is a powerful medium for causing emotions, and people can emotionally attach to an image or picture. 

As we all know, human are visually-oriented people, our sense organ gives 90% of the information, which transmitted to our brain as visual.

According to leading Instagram study organization Union Metrics, you need to post 3 times every day.

All the major Instagram influencer post more than 5 to 6 times per day to get followers with different engaging topics and trending hashtag.

Follow trending Hashtags (#)

Whenever you upload any story or post, try to follow the latest trends so that other followers can notice your story. One of the best methods of getting user attention and engagement is following trending Hashtags. You should try to put all the relevant hashtags according to your story or post.

If you want only one thing which gives immense free Instagram followers, then it must be hashtags. After Instagram tweaks its algorithm, all the earlier methods fail to produce any result. But if you study carefully, Hashtags are the game changer when it comes to trending news, post or video. You can implement in your story and get huge followers.

Analysis of your followers

You need to analysis your followers for there demography, taste, and organic reach. If you have a personal profile you can use free apps present in the Google Play store, some of them are as follows

Followers Insight for Instagram

  • Unfollowers & Followers Analytics for Instagram
  • Unfollowers Assistant for Instagram, follow back
  • Unfollow for Instagram Pro
  • Unfollow for Instagram – No followers & Fans

If you are using the business account, then you need to tap on the Stats icon present on the top right side of your screen. You can get all the insight of your account from there.

Instagram account insight

You can track all the free Instagram followers no survey with time, location, and check your post organic reach. Check out all the account insight to get better information which you can again use to your benefit.

Instagram engagement graph

Post your story when users engagement is more.
After you get all the account insight, you will come to know the best time to interact with your followers to get more comment and likes. Account insight is the best information resource where you will get the exact time, day, and what is your followers’ taste.

Check the appropriate time when your followers are most active on Instagram. You can get more engagement on your post on those time vs. when followers are not active. Always remember one thing higher engagement leads to higher visibility of the post, and your organic reach will be more.

Interact with your followers for more gain

Followers want to see new or exciting fact about you, try to give your followers what they want from you.

Always appreciate other people post or story or video so, that they revert. Try to give some interesting post about yourself, so that they feel emotionally connected with you. Like if you are working mother and have 2 children, try to give pics of the daily morning hassle. These types of pictures get more engagement as people relate the same problem with themselves.

Comment back to your followers and friends post, and they will revert to you. We are living in a virtual social world where everyone wants some appreciation for there work. Show some love to their picture and post, and they will return the favor to you.

Follow the buzz Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a silent player when it comes to user engagement. You will find some stories generate great user engagement and give you real free Instagram followers when it is presented right. Keep on improving your Instagram stories to get huge fans and followers.

We all love to read stories; if those stories are in the form of visual picture or image, then we will correlate those pictures with our lives. Try to make Instagram story depending on your like. Make a picture story, so that people tend to relate to that.

Host a Giveaway

One of the top ways to gain a niche-specific audience is to host a contest or Giveaway. You can partner with some Instagram influencer to host the Giveaway or contest so that it looks genuine and you get a huge follower with that.

Giveaway is the best method which gives tons of free Instagram followers no survey and fans on that specific niche. If you have to launch a new product on Instagram, then you should consider a thing strategy to host a giveaway.

Giveaway or contest also give brand awareness among the users as they will engage in the contest for a free product or some other gifts. One of the best ways to promote any contest is to tell, “tag your three friends in the comment.” This method alone will ensure that you will get huge followers as the post will get multiplied by three times.

Final words

We have summarized 7 awesome methods from which you can get tons of users and free Instagram followers without survey. We hope you finally got your answer to How to increase engagement on Instagram.